Z. Dobiasova, J. Pirnerova, K. Kieslingova: Praktikum at the University Library of MedUni Vienna 2010


We are librarians from Charles University in Prague and we work at the medical and pharmaceutical library.

Each year we visit libraries abroad and this year we have choosen the library in Wien. The Medical University has a cooperation with the Charles University and has interesting projects, which we found on the library´s website.

During one week we saw the main library and two branch libraries. We gained information of their new projects and services. We were interested in e-books on demand, Project PDA, Van Swieten Blog and portal DBIS. It is a good inspiration for us. This news we shall use in our libraries.

We would like to thank to all staff for their willingness, time and information supply.

We also visited Wien – it is a beautiful historical city!

2nd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prague

Pharmaceutical Faculty, Charles University Prague

Weitere Berichte über Praktika an der UB Med Uni Wien im Van Swieten Blog:

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